Birthday Celebration

Birthday is a very special day in everyone’s life. This is ending of a year and at the same starting of the year ahead. Someone can summarize the actions in the last year or years to come at that particular stage of life. Life is a journey; it goes on. So the directions for next move is decided according to the summary result up to the previous moment.

It is a indeed a time of celebration. Because some is ready to move forward after looking through back. Friends and families come together to celebrate and wish for a new next year full of joy, success, peace and happiness. One of my friends said, happiness is not the goal, it is the way. The every moment we live is expected to be happy. The journey of life moves on like that. Great thought! What is the end then? What we want to reach at the goal? Perhaps peace or nirvana or may be nothing. Living our moments happily is our ultimate truth.

We should thank our mothers for giving us birth at our birthdays!

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