The Baby Earth

[Written in September 2006]


How much I can tolerate? How much a man can tolerate? Is there any limit or should there be any limit? Or can we just say ‘.. .. well this is the limit up to which you shall tolerate. You are allowed not to tolerate anymore when the limit is crossed.’ Questions do not come to an end. They come further like, what is meant by ‘to tolerate’, what is its highest level of degree or, what, if it is really beyond tolerance? Everyday I get puzzled with these types of questions from this or that of my daily events. Questions come to my mind one after another. I try to analyze each. I look for the causes and also the way outs.


I am not supposed to waste my time this way! Because, it is so simple that there will be no exact answers of those questions. So, it’s wise to be practical. I should not spend my time for a world of dream. The world without odds, anomalies or disorders is of course a world of dream. Something not to get real – some sort of mission impossible. One of my friends told me once that dreams are necessary in lives. Our adolescents do not have dreams, and as a result our future generation will not be creative in any sector. I again start to think ‘what are the dreams’, ‘why and how these are necessary’, ‘what, if a dreamless nation grows along’ and so and so and so.


Einstein told imagination is more important than creation. I believe on this. I also believe, and want everyone to believe, that planning is completely different from imagination. Imagination may compel to make a plan as a consequence. The world of imagination is the world of dreams. Imagination is sacred. Planning is not. A plan to make a dream comes true can be manipulated. Imagination is honest. A plan can be corrupt. There is nothing wrong imagining of having a sweet home for a family. But practically, arranging a house for making this a sweet home is not so easy going way at all. The question now arises: what, if such a dreamer is never successful in his or her life? Will (s)he should stop dreaming of sweet homes? Imagination does not give anything without a successful plan and implementation. Doesn’t it really give anything? Nothing? Should it be stopped? I would feel pity on myself about dreaming of a world not to be tolerated intentionally rather to be endured naturally. One of my university friends called me a dreamer meaning that I am an outsider.


We need to tolerate many things in our everyday lives. Some of us are always making plans to thrive themselves in the ways of so called better lives that sometimes cause harms to others. They tell lies, act false, explain fakes, establish lawlessness. We tolerate. They get unruly, forget duties, be irresponsible, become careless. We tolerate. They grab possessions, grip power, fetch belongings, captivate others’ properties. We tolerate. Because, the other time, we do all these and they tolerate. We all are spending our moments for the second part – planning and implementation. There is no time left for imagination.


Obsession of untruth and unholy things is around us. All are about showing works that have been done, and also that have not been done. All are about criticizing works that have been done, and also that have not been done. All are about searching for narrow hidden black holes to get through. All are about hurdling the ways for not getting to be done. Everything is far away from the world of imagination. We are the rats in a race – without the dream of a sweet home. Question may arise again! Will we loose our capability to imagine? Won’t we dream of a sweet home, the Baby Earth?

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