Musical Intelligence

This is one of the nine intelligences recognized in the Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, which was first introduced by Harvard University Professor Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. Read my article Multiple Intelligence Theory for more on this.

Musical Intelligence is the inner quality of individual that helps focus on the skills of rhythms and musical sounds. This is the basic quality of being a good singer or rhythm master. Every individual has unique set of qualities with a certain combination of all nine intelligences. The people with the strong presence of this intelligence are sensitive to pitch of sounds and rhythm of rhymes. They are keen listeners of musical creations and music composers. Persons with strong Musical Intelligence are good at music, sound engineering and dance moves. They are eventually good at listening to and taking part in music.

People with strong Musical Intelligence are very good in:

Singing songs and take part in choir

Getting Attracted with sounds from nature

Reciting poems

Playing musical instruments

Learning by Rhymes and Dance

Composing musical pieces

Appreciating expressions of music or dance


Professionally, these people are usually Singer, Instrumentalist. Composer, Music Director, Dancer, Lyricist, Sound Engineer, Choreographer, Sound Recordist, Orchestra Artiste, Band Manager etc.


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), a German composer and pianist considered as one of the most famous and influential of all composers.


Lata Mangeshkar, an Indian playback singer born in 1929, best-known as the Nightingale of India and the Queen of Melody.


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