Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

This is one of the nine intelligences recognized in the Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, which was first introduced by Harvard University Professor Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. Read my article Multiple Intelligence Theory for more on this.

Verbal Linguistic Intelligence is the inner quality of individual that helps focus on the skills of sounds and expressions. This is the basic quality of being a good reader and orator or writer. Every individual has unique set of qualities with a certain combination of all nine intelligences. The people with the strong presence of this intelligence are sensitive to sounds, structures, meaning and functions of words. They are keen users of language. Persons with strong Verbal Linguistic Intelligence are good at using their own languages and also linguistic structures. Linguistic skill does not necessarily follow accurate structures of languages. They are eventually good at interpreting the sounds and words and express themselves effectively to the world.

People with strong Verbal Linguistic Intelligence are very good in:

Listening to others or any sounds

Speaking publicly or to individuals

Reading texts or phrases

Writing texts or phrases

Using vocabulary appropriately

Articulating verbal expressions

Memorizing sounds and words

Professionally, these people are usually Teacher, Public Speaker, Writer, Journalist, Presenter, Sound Engineer, Audio Podcaster, Media Personality etc.



Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at his historic 7th March Speech in 1971.


J.K. Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter, is one of the most successful authors in the history of the world.


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