Naturalist Intelligence

This is one of the nine intelligences recognized in the Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory, which was first introduced by Harvard University Professor Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. Read my article Multiple Intelligence Theory for more on this.

Naturalist Intelligence is the inner quality of individual that helps focus on the skills of being with the mother nature. This is the basic quality of being an environmentalist. Every individual has unique set of qualities with a certain combination of all nine intelligences. The people with the strong presence of this intelligence are sensitive to all Flora and Fauna of the nature. They are the lovers and critics of the environment. Persons with strong Naturalist Intelligence are good at understanding own life and thinking for life in future. They are eventually good at enjoying the beauty of the nature by being close to it.

People with strong Naturalist Intelligence are very good in:

Feeling natural beauty

Getting Attracted with the natural sound and rhythm

Remaining in natural settings

Learning things from environment

Identifying Use and Maluses of natural resources

Being friendly with plants and animals

Thinking of solutions of environmental sustainability


Professionally, these people are usually Environmental Activist, Traveller, Tourist, Tour Operator, Florist, Veterinary Physician, Wildlife Activist, Nature Presenter, Nature Scientist, Nature Photographer, Wildlife Documentary Maker etc.


Dwijen Sharma (1929-2017), a Bangladeshi naturalist and science writer


Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, a Northern Irish adventurer, writer and television presenter, born in 1974


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